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First of all, I think the book is really fucking good, well done my friend! It’s very comprehensive and inspiring and contains plenty of action items and exercises. I ended up taking over two pages of notes, so I definitely learned a lot.

Jasper Ribbers, best-selling author

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Carlos Frias San Diego, CA

    "I've had the pleasure of knowing Danny for a while. He's inspired me to start traveling and explore well before he wrote this book. When he told me the book was finished, I couldn't wait to finally read it...

    The book was inspiring in terms of travel, business, lifestyle and taking risks. The way it's written really allows your mind to open up and envision yourself being successful. 

    Danny dedicates his book to the 'new generation of explorers, adventures, free-thinkers, leaders, and action-takers.' The world is always changing and I choose to be someone in that group of people who will strive for great things."

  • avatar Jasper Ribbers Best-selling author, "Get Paid for your Pad"

    "Just finished reading your book. First of all, I think the book is really fucking good, well done my friend! It’s very comprehensive and inspiring and contains plenty of action items and exercises. I ended up taking over two pages of notes, so I definitely learned a lot."

  • Jon Norris Washington D.C.

    “I have to say so far I am loving it man. It has been giving me so much positive energy and so far I just wanted you to know I’m really enjoying your writing. It is both inspiring and empowering.. qualities of yours that I’ve always valued and aspire to assimilate to." 

So What’s The Book About?

To "buy your own island" is a metaphor and a challenge to take your craziest, lifelong dreams and make them reality, the way that thousands of individuals around the world are doing. Ever wanted to quit your job, write a screenplay, travel the world for a year, learn Chinese, or start your own web-based business? This book provides the blueprint. The only limit is your imagination.

I spent several years traveling the world, meeting all kinds of high-performing people, reading hundreds of books, condensing everything and putting all of the pieces together through a ton of trials, experiments, and error. In this book are the building blocks that will enable you to fearlessly create your world, piece by piece.

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

Learn How My Friends and I...

  1. Get free stays at 5-star resorts on private islands (page 280)
  2. Hack travel, live and work abroad, and tackle crazy adventures around the world (page 59)
  3. Earn six-figures as consultants in Brazil, and outsource all of the work (page 309)
  4. Make 5-figures a month renting out housing on AirBnB, like my friend Ryan does (page 257)
  5. Earn $1,000 or more on the side with Amazon, thrive at freelancing, or $8,000 per month selling niche products
  6. How to choose the right "lifestyle business" based on your interests and passions (page 154)
  7. The difference between an "ELF" business and a "HALF" business and why this critical distinction means everything (page 159)
  8. Purchased a private island, and much much more...

About The Author

Day and night I dreamt about the kind of life I wanted – the one I deserved – but reality painted a different picture. I was an unemployed college graduate, broke and alone. Then one day I gathered three friends in a coffee shop, and we wrote down a list of the craziest “dream goals” that we could imagine. Each of us made a vow that day to do whatever it took in order to make them reality.
It took a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but eventually I managed to make almost every single dream goal a reality. I’ve been able to travel – to over 30 different countries – and live abroad in several places. I’ve started three successful businesses using just my laptop. I've learned everything it takes to survive and thrive on the road, savor the true value of travel, and live each day to the utmost.
I’ve crossed half of Southeast Asia on a motorcycle. I’ve rafted down the Amazon, swum with whale sharks in the Philippines, and climbed the tallest mountains of South America. I’ve rappelled off waterfalls in the jungle, ziplined above volcanoes, and sailed across the South China Sea. I’ve trained in tango dancing in the darkly-lit halls of San Telmo, Buenos Aires, and trained as a Muay Thai fighter in Bangkok.
Before long I realized that I wasn’t alone. There is a huge interconnected community of individuals who have realized that big lifestyle dreams can become practical and achievable. In fact, a group of them recently came together and bought their own island, the ultimate form of independence and freedom. 
"Buying an island" thus becomes a metaphor and a challenge for you to keep striving, to keep reaching beyond your limits, and to do something great.
Whatever your biggest lifestyle dreams are, whether its to purchase your own island, travel the world for a year, or set up a profitable business from home, it can be practical and achievable if you have the right plan in place. This book will show you how.

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